Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  The Egyptian is a non-profit foundation established in 2008 (Registration number 559/2008) with the objective of a providing an integrated approach to the phenomena of street children.

The organization aim is to address the reality of the children’s presence in the street as well as the processes that push them to the streets. Activities focus on providing essential care and services to street children to enable them to realize potential and become integrated members of society with rights, opportunities and a future, as well as on working with low income and marginalized communities that have high risks of having their children resort to the streets.

Board of Trustees
The organization has a Board of Trustees composed of 8 Egyptians prominent in the business and social development sectors. These are:

• Ahdy Ezzat Iskandar - Founder and chairman
• Yousriya Nassif Loza - Founder and vice chairperson
• Marie Louis Bishara - Founder and secretary general
• Iman Soliman - Founder and member
• Hosna Rachid - Founder and member
• Maged Samy Girgus – Member
• Sahar El-Sallab – Member
• Shahira Zayed – Member
• Hesham El Kheshin – Member
• Rosa Louis – Member
• Angela George - Member

An Executive Committee is responsible foe overseeing implementation of the plans and activities supported by a skeletal administrative structure. The operations structure is composed of the full time social workers and volunteers who carry out the activities.


  Marie Bishara
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